Hello! My name is Shannon Skinner and I am the Founder & Photographer at ShannonUncut Photography and Film. I am a professional photographer based in Perth, Western Australia.

The Passion for photo and video started when I picked up my first Olympus Camera at the age of 8. Since that day I have never stopped documenting parts of my life.


The Name ‘Shannonuncut’ has been around since early 2012 when I started a YouTube channel (which is still going). The name originated when my parents and I were sitting at the dinner table brainstorming names for my channel. That’s when my Mum suggested the name ‘shannonuncut’ because I have such a passion for creating content (and uncut is a film term).


I’ve have always been passionate about Photography and after completing the subject in high School I went onto further study at North Metropolitan Tafe. As a great lover of Music festivals I fell in love with Event Photography where I saw the Photographers making magic and capturing life moments in a forever format. I put all of my energy and passion into what I create, it’s a hobby that’s turned into a career and I am developing new skills every single day.


I am proud to say that I started ShannonUncut Photography and Film in early 2017 at the age of 19. The name was well known around my friends, family and my online following so it seemed like a great basis to start with.

Each day I pick up my camera and love the challenge of a new project. No two events are ever the same and I get a thrill from trying to capture the spirit and atmosphere of each event.


I have an interest and love of people…. and of parties! I think that’s why, with a camera in my hand, I pick up emotions, moments and stories.


I love what I do and I try to bring a relaxed, fun but highly professional atmosphere to every photographic assignment.


I offer a range of different Photography services- feel free to have a browse through my services and package pricing on this site! If you have any questions or enquiries you can go to my “Contact” section.